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The processes for producing industrial boards from cellulosic fibers, especially wood chips or other low quality wood based residues, are well known to those skilled in the art. However, wood by-products are becoming more expensive and difficult to obtain as the natural wood resources are depleted. It is highly necessary to replace the wood residues in the board production process with more easily obtainable agricultural waste products that are less expensive and can make boards of equal or superior properties.

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Pioneering the research, development and application of state-of-the-art solutions for sustainable development and fiber panels and biomass supply around the country. Proved competency and strategy to define the best plans and approaches to enhance construction and production processes and shareholder value delivery.

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Our mission is to expand sustainable development knowledge, tools, skills, and mindset that motivates individuals and governmental bodies to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future and to make informed and effective decisions. 

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Industrial Fiber board

Alborz Neopan Co. is determined to establish the biggest MDF and PB plant around the globe in Middle-East from sugarcane residue (Bagasse), an abundant annual fiber that can be well utilized in industrial board manufacturing industry.

energy from biomass

Alborz Neopan Co. is progressing to establish a 25 MW power plant using biomass as feedstock.
Biomass energy can only be sustainably harvested when it does not upset the fragile balance of ecosystems.


The real estate and construction sectors combined make up one of the largest business segments in Iran's economy. This is a cyclical sector, extremely dependent upon outside factors including interest rates, employment rates, new household formation, general economic growth and stable lending and credit markets.


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A key element to project and client success is our enhanced project management model, a Partnering Approach.  Genuine leadership must also include accountability; therefore, we as a company are accountable to our clients concerning project deadlines, clear communication, and client-centered recommendations.

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What we do, we do well.  Our goal is to provide our clients with first-class service. We strive to collaborate with our clients and co-workers to achieve positive outcomes.  It is our belief that strong leadership position us to move towards a common goal of customer satisfaction and project success.


We strive to operate in accordance with the rules and standards.  We believe that honesty and integrity are vital characteristics of any company culture to maintain credibility with staff and clients.  We not only say what is right, we seek to do what is right.

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We care about people – our clients and our staff.  We believe the sincerity of this statement is proven by our work quality, strong customer service skills, and dedication to client success.