The production of wood-like particleboard from annual fiber and agricultural waste resources, such as sugarcane residue (Bagasse), coconut shell, or rice husk, has been a recent subject of interest. The existing processes produce industrial boards from fibers that have been shown to have a wide variability in its properties due to the range of used natural products. Bagasse, an abundant and renewable resource, is showing promises in fiber board industry. Alborz Neopan Co. is determined to establish the biggest MDF and PB plant around the globe from this annual fiber resource in Middle East.

Industrial BOARD and MDF


Biomass is a renewable energy resource consists of carbonaceous waste of living organisms. It is derived from numerous sources, including the by-products from the timber industry, agricultural crops, and raw material from nature. Biomass does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as it absorbs the same amount of carbon in growing as it releases when consumed as a fuel.

Biomass can be converted into energy through a range of technologies. Direct combustion is still the most common technology which is mainly used in rural areas to generate heat. Another method is using a combination of boiler and steam turbines where biomass is burnt to heat water, which in turn generates steam for running a conventional generator. Gasification is a more advanced technology, where the biomass fuel is combusted in a high temperature furnace with very little oxygen resulting in separation of complex molecules into a cleaner, hydrogen-rich gas, which can be used in a gas engine, gas turbine or fuel cell.

It is estimated that the technologically sustainable energy potential of biomass is greater than the world's current electrical generating capacity. Alborz Neopan Co. is progressing to establish a 25 MW power plant using biomass as feedstock.


Throughout the expansion plans of energy from biomass, Alborz Neopan came across the idea of generating electricity in smaller scales either with biomass gasifies or natural gas. Aside from creating jobs and assisting the development of smaller scale industrial firms, the on-site power production packages not only will help those businesses reduce the electrical energy cost, but it also can be a source of income for further prosperity.

Alborz Neopan will help you develop such packages according to your needs and available resources. We help you follow along the path of reducing energy costs using minimal investment that can have great returns, both for your company and the environment
The real estate and construction sectors combined make up one of the largest business segments in the Iran economy and throughout the world. This is also a very cyclical sector, extremely dependent upon outside factors including interest rates, employment rates, new household formation, general economic growth and stable lending and credit markets.

In addition to covering real estate development, brokerage, trends and companies, we provide our expertise in construction, management and investment.

Alborz Neopan, utilizing highly professional scientists and management teams, will be able to offer consulting services for project in fields of power generation from Biomass and natural resources, and also execution of industrial board production facilities.

We are also interested in new projects and would be willing to partner/invest in new projects with outstanding mutual benefits for the parties.